Thursday, June 11, 2009

The first blog is not about little Margo...

Oh no, I skipped on my true subject matter with my very first blog..but hey that is my prerogative. Why the French Mommy born in California??? first I really am french, French Canadian by way of both my parents. I speak the language still, and if I want to talk to my Aunts and Uncles, that is the language of choice for them. Oh yes, I did get a new haircut, and was told by two different individuals it made me look voila, the French Mommy born in California. By the way, I really am one of the few true Californians too. Not a bad combination, I would say.

I must find the perfect photo with little Margo and reflects all I have recently learned in preschool. My one and only is now 5 years old and ready to start kindergarten in the fall. She will tell you she has learned everything she needs to know already. Actually that started last summer, she was four and a half then. Margo offered to doctor my boo boo...yes I did cut myself a little bit. So, what makes you a doctor I asked? What school did you graduate from that qualifies you for such a title,I further inquired? Her response, was simple and straight to the point. "I graduated from Explorer Preschool and that is where I learned all about doctoring. I can put a band aid on your boo boo," she offered. And with that said, I decided if I listened well enough, I could learn much from the thoughtful heart of my little child.

Perhaps then, this blog will be about me, little Margo and our daily life. But because I am really french it will have a little philosophy hidden among the words...and perhaps, just perhaps, ( a phrase from my grand mere ) you too might learn from my little Margo and leave the site with a smile for the day. I promise, X my heart.


  1. You came through on your promise. When I finished reading and I did indeed have a smile on my face. Thanks for your down to earth philosophy about what is truely important in life.

  2. I did not realize there were so few "true" Californians. Most people I know not only are "true" Californians but grew up in this very area.

    Hadn't realized it was a rarity.

    Wonderful blog. Love it.