Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ready or not here "we" come! ooops I mean "I"....

We, yes I said we, have passed these last few days 'practicing' for school. Margo's first day of class is on Monday, August 24th. Sunday night, little Margo set her own alarm to awake at 7:00 AM on Monday morning. Her assignment was to wake up, climb down the ladder, turn off the alarm, and get her snuggle time with me, her mommy. After which said time is done, mind you it may include reading a few books, negotiating the possibility of watching a TV show, and the list goes on; Margo is to go and put on her clothes and yes brush her hair. Now realize she rarely brushes her hair at all, but hey it never hurts to dream. Next she is to come downstairs to eat her breakfast, have a quiet time with mom, (some type of bible time together), brush her teeth and walk out the door by 8:35 AM. Aha, we were successful the first day, by a few minutes.

I realized day two needed to start a little earlier, at 6:45 AM. Believe it or not, day two had room for tears, her telling me all her sorrows from days and weeks and months past. Yes even with the tears, we were still on time to leave the house and walk to school.

Day three went well too, I was impressed. She still asks to watch TV, aka cartoons, but only if she completes all her other tasks first. However the issue of choice came up for little Margo. This meant I was making all the choices. Her solution, to put the bible reading ahead of breakfast but still after she was dressed. This worked out fine too.

Day 4, today, I failed! We did not get up before 8:30 AM, I purposely did not turn on her alarm the night before, she went to bed way too late. No way was I going to go through a day with a tired kid if I could help it. So yes we would have basically missed school today, if it was already in session. Tomorrow, which will be Friday, and our last day to practice, is set with the alarm going off at 6:45 AM...the question is will she and I get up? I hope so, then all the practice would have been worth it. I wonder what the real day will be like? I promise to let you all know, on Monday night the 24th, or perhaps I will wait till Tuesday night the 25th, when she would have been at school for her first full day without any parents there. She will be fine, however the question remains, will I?

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about her first day next week!! I just went to Katie's Kindy orientation and class lists this morning and I was surprised how clingy Katie was! This is a first!

    Hope you do okay.... maybe we should go for coffee (or bagels) on Tuesday or Wednesday!