Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mom, my brain is pregnant.....

We were driving not too long ago, when little Margo announced to her daddy and I, "Mom, my brain is pregnant." Silence filled the car, again she said those words, "Mom, my brain is pregnant." "Mmm-hm," was my simple reply. We waited a little more and then the truth came out. "I have a baby brain, and the baby brain wants some candy, mom." "Mom, the baby brain wants to eat junk food, and my brain wants the healthy food, but the baby brain is really wanting the candy, mom." "Well honey, you need to let the baby brain know we don't have any candy." Ah silence, end of conversation, and now my own wondering begins....

Is she a little crazy, having two brains and all, or is she just creating a logical way to ask for candy? It seems whenever Margo wanted to do something a little off, it was the baby brain telling her to do it. Now I am thinking, gee this kid does not want to take responsibility...But STOP, remember she is a kid! Oh yes that is correct, she is a very sweet kid, with two brains driving her to mischievous choices in life! Woe is me the mother...But really I just laugh and address the questions and requests from the baby brain. I suppose I could say this is all about self actualization, you know, 'my brain' is telling me such and such to do or say. She has thoughts, I have thoughts in my head too, I just do not express them like she does.

Back to driving in the car...I love driving in the car, it really is becoming a confessional of sorts for Margo. "Mom, my body put the red candy in my sock." Now I am really confused with this statement. "What Margo, what red candy???" "You know, when Mr. J was here. My ears heard him say not to eat the candy, so my ears told my body to not open the candy and put it in my sock. But my body did not listen to my ears. My ears said again and tried to tell my body what to do...but it was an accident body did it."

I tried really hard not to laugh because she was so serious about this conversation and the struggle of choosing between right and wrong. You have to understand dear reader, the initial incident took place in August one year ago I think. Perhaps it has taken her this long (one year later) to figure out a way to articulate her struggles. She actually continued to retell the entire discussion her ears had with her body for about 5 minutes. It was hilarious, and I wish I had had a tape recorder. In the end, her dad and I both said it is OK about your struggle between the listening ears and the not listening body.

I am guessing this is a step in the right direction for little Margo's maturation into the knowledge of right and wrong. I think a big part of me is glad she does not mind sharing these struggles with me now. I only hope I continue to grow as a listener for her, in the now and the future.

I struggle like every parent does with wanting our child to excel and reach their potential. And like every parent, I get a bit pushy, perhaps way too pushy and need to dial it down. My friend Victoria reminded me "Margo is a kid, this is what kids do." Yep you are right, little Margo is a kid with a great imagination, and I will learn to listen and support you little Margo in the midst of your struggles. This is what I need to be concerned with, not that my daughter was pregnant with a baby brain. :)


  1. What an imagination that child has. She is so creative in her thinking! I'm so glad you are writing this stuff down. I see her as being an artist or writer and you are going to be able to reminder of so much. I see a series of Adventure with Margo books.