Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The first day.....

The French Mommy is back after a one year break.  I miss writing and now I have no excuse not to write.  The tools of the trade can now be carried in my pocket....including the ability to photo what I see and do.
This year I want to start an observation health blog.  Watching myself and those around me making choices about living life healthfully according to them...yup throw out the studies and lets just look at reality. Struggle and success....all birthed out of choices.
Now you may be wondering about the f word...FAILURE...I have decided failure is a temporary state when it comes to my health goals...meaning we all have setbacks but it is about a lifestyle change...get up, get out and move...perhaps my new long lived to be motto.
So join me at The French Mommy and Healthy Choices
It will be an interesting diary of a foodie who needs some control.  (That is me by the way)

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